Senior Concert Information

Senior End of Year Concert 2024

Our end of year Senior Concert is an annual event showcasing the work and talents from our students from Grade 1 - Advanced 2. Performing on stage is what dance, and all the hard work during the year, is all about. The end of year concert is a highlight in both the students and the teachers calendar and we are so excited for you to see what the students have prepared for you! We are lucky to host our concert at the performance centre at Waverley College.

Important Dates

Concert Date – Saturday 13th December

Stage Rehearsal – Friday 12th December

Placing Rehearsal – Wednesday 10th December

Extra Rehearsal Timetable

Placing Rehearsal – There will also be a full cast rehearsal on Wednesday 10th December at 4.00 – 6.30pm St Johns Darlinghurst. We use this rehearsal to run the finale and to place the pieces to cut down the stage rehearsal time required. We will aim to arrange the rehearsal timetable so that we do not keep the younger children for this entire period. 

Stage Rehearsal
– To meet Waverley College’s health and safety requirements we will have a compulsory stage rehearsal FOR ALL STUDENTS on Friday 12th December 1.00pm – 6.00pm. Students who are unable to attend this stage rehearsal will not be able to take part in the concert. The stage rehearsal affords each student the opportunity to feel safe and secure on the stage and backstage on the day of the concert. We will aim to arrange the rehearsal timetable so that we do not keep the younger children for this entire period. 


Consistent and regular attendance of classes is required throughout the year but particularly in Term 4 when the concert routines are taught and rehearsed. Please do NOT book a holiday during Term 4!

We appreciate that sometimes absences from class are unavoidable but for Term 4 we ask that all concert participants demonstrate consideration to our teaching staff (who invest a large amount of personal time in choreographing the patterns and sequences to best show of each student) as well as the other students in the group (who are committed and show consistent attendance) by regularly attending all classes. Missed classes will affect how much a teacher can include a student in their choreography.

This also includes our extra rehearsals outline above. Our concert day and rehearsals are incredibly special to our students and one child’s absence affects the entire groups performance and enjoyment on top of obvious satefy concerns. 

Concert Day

Concert Date – Saturday 13th December

Our concert, will have two performances – one starting at 11.00am and the next at 1.30pm. All students will participate in both shows. We estimate that students will be ready to go home at approximately 3.15pm.

Concert day info

Concert Participation fees

These fees include GST, a costume (which student keeps after concert), a pair of tights, a headdress, a digital recording of both concerts and all extra rehearsals and stage rehearsals for the concert as required. 

This fee excludes ballet and jazz shoes, hair and makeup and concert tickets.


As part of the examination experience, female students will have their hair styled in a bun by the teachers on the day. We ask that students arrive with their hair in a neat high pony tail and bring along a hair brush, hair elastic, bobby pins and clips and a hair net (that matches the colour of the student’s hair).  The ballet school will provide the hair accessories (ribbons or flowers) as appropriate. Male students should bring their own hair brush and comb.

To ensure each examination entrants feel confident and prepared on the day of the examination, regular attendance of weekly classes as well as the extra scheduled examination preparation classes is imperative. The examination process is both an individual as well as a team commitment. One child’s lack of attendance will have an impact both on their own confidence and that of the other student’s in their examination group.

If you don’t feel you are able to commit to the the extra scheduled rehearsal dates and weekly classes PLEASE DO NOT ENTER YOUR CHILD INTO THE EXAMINATION PROCESS .

The only examinations of Royal Academy of Dance that are required to be completed before the subsequent exams are Intermediate and Advanced One (these are vocational examinations). Whilst each child is encouraged to participate in the examination process, there is an understanding that examinations may not suit everyone. The RAD offers the gentler approach of a Class Award which can be discussed with your class teacher. If your child chooses not to partake in either the examination or the class award, they can still progress to the next grade with their classmates.

We recommend that students buy new shoes for their examination.

Having clean shoes is not only important for neat presentation but can also affect the line of the legs and feet which is part of the marking criteria in every section of the examination.

We suggest purchasing the Intrinsic Pro MDM canvas ballet flats from Ballet Emporium in Bondi Junction or the Performa Canvas Split Sole flats from Bloch. If new shoes are not possible you can attempt to put them in a cold wash to ensure they are clean. We ask that this is done at least a week before the exam and brought in for your child’s teacher to inspect.

Your registration and payment of the concert fee will be taken as an agreement on your behalf to ensure that your child fulfils the concert commitment requirements of regular class attendance and the compulsory ballet rehearsal on Wednesday 10th December (4 – 6.30pm St Johns Darlinghurst) and stage rehearsal (Waverley College) on Friday 11th December