“Our daughter had been dancing for 8 years when she started with Teresa at the age of 10.  Since joining the school she, and we have never been happier, both with the standard of tuition, the friendly and inclusive atmosphere and the deep friendships she has made with the girls in her classes. Teresa has managed to harness the valuable inclusions of local and international artists and teachers, who, together with her own international experience in performing and teaching, has provided her students with a broad and extensive dance program of the highest calibre.  We commend Teresa Johnson to anyone who is seeking a ballet school offering the high quality tuition in a boutique environment.”  Natasha & Gary Knight. 


“Teresa Johnson is a dedicated teacher who has the rare ability to get the best out of her students both in class and in her superb end-of-year concerts. Teresa’s attention to detail, her rigorous approach to technique and her encouragement, make this a very special ballet school. The proper preparation for pointe work also makes me feel confident that my daughter’s health and safety is in knowledgeable and responsible hands. I would not consider any other ballet school for my daughter.” Patricia Hoyle (Teresa Johnson Ballet School parent of 10 years).


“My daughter has been at the Teresa Johnson Ballet School for about 5 years now and to see her grow and improve each year is incredibly rewarding not only for me but especially for my daughter. 

For children to be a part of a dance school that enables them to understand the discipline and commitment required to be a dancer at any level and at the same time to be nurtured and encouraged to be the best they can be, I believe is a very tricky balance. The Teresa Johnson Ballet School not only offers a very high level of professionalism, but also masters this balance so that the students attain an appreciation, respect and passion for dance, no matter what their age.  I feel as though my daughter is in very safe hands and that no matter how serious she is about dance, she may as well be with the best.” DM