Body Conditioning

In a variety of sports, strength training has been a staple when it comes to improving performance. Culturally, strength-specific training has not been a part of dance training, in part due to stigmas, fears, and myths regarding strength training in the performing arts community. Research consistently shows that dance-only training (particularly in ballet/contemporary forms of dance) do not provide enough stimuli to enhance or increase fitness levels. Poor aerobic fitness and fatigue is related to dance-related injuries. The faster our bodies get tired, the more difficult it becomes to control our limbs and perform complex movements.

We work alongside physiotherapist Nicole Baer and DANCELETE coach Antonia Johnson to create appropriate strength training programs for all dancers.

All of our Ballet students in Grades 1 and above take part in a weekly strength and conditioning class.

For the younger grades there is a focus on core and pelvic control as well as improving students general coordination. As the grades progress the focus turns into more technical aspects such as mobility and control of turn out, eventually working towards pointe and pre pointe in grade 5. In our vocational strength and conditioning classes we are focused on performance based strength training which includes plyometric and jump training as well as resistance training.

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