• will always prioritise the students’ safety and ensure the training environment is nurturing and supportive
  • will instruct without prejudice or bias, teaching classes using positive, appropriate and respectful language
  • will encourage all students to explore their potential and consistently refine their personal performance
  • will provide constructive feedback and critique to all students
  • will understand the gravity of their role in students’ development, ensuring positive body image is always promoted
  • will ensure they are maintaining current standards and best practices of teaching, as well as taking time to reflect on their teaching methods
  • will respect the rights and privacy of their teachers and of all students
  • will not intentionally deface or damage any school property and any props used in class will be treated with care
  • are required to punctually attend all scheduled classes, respectfully apologise for tardiness and inform teachers if they will be absent from a class (in advance, when possible)
  • are required to monitor the volume of conversation and appropriateness of language, being mindful of their fellow students, especially younger students
  • are required to be supportive and encouraging of their fellow dancers
  • are required to practice and revise exam work and/or competition dances
  • are required to be respectful of others when representing the school at open classes, workshops, exams and competitions students
  • are required to tidy up after themselves, maintain orderly and hygienic facilities
  • are not allowed glass water bottles in the facilities
  • are not to eat food in the dance studios and must put all rubbish in bins provided
  • who frequently perspire must bring a clean hand towel to each class
  • who are en pointe will not permit students not en pointe to wear their pointe shoes – this is a safety hazard
  • are required to wear the specified uniform, wear correct footwear to class and limit jewellery to small stud earrings. Please direct uniform queries to the director
  • will not chew gum in class
  • Note – Stealing of any property onsite is not acceptable and will result in dismissal from the school
  • To finalise enrolment, parents/guardians must read and agree to the TTJBS Terms and Conditions. When submitting an online Registration Form, parents/guardians will need to indicate they have read and agree to the TTJBS Terms and Conditions.
    • Terms and Conditions cover the following:
      1. Teacher Code of Conduct
      2. Student Code of Behaviour
      3. Enrolment Policy
      4. Fee Policy
      5. Student Withdrawal/Cancellation Policy
      6. Uniform & Presentation Policy
      7. RAD Exam Policy
      8. Viewing Week / Open Day Policy
      9. Competition Policy
      10. Costume Policy
      11. Student Photography/Video/Recording Policy
      12. Concert Policy
  • Students may not undertake dance training at another dance school in any dance style offered by the school, whilst enrolled at the TTJBS, unless for a holiday program or workshop. Please consult with the school if you would like to understand this policy further.
  • Students seeking to undertake dance training in other styles not offered by the Academy will notify the school before enrolling at another dance studio
  • Students are invited to participate in the Extension Program at the discretion of the director of the school
    Students are invited to participate in Competition groups and/or solos at the discretion of the director of the school
  • Parents must notify the Academy of any medical conditions that are important for the faculty to be made aware of
  • Classes have a maximum number of students to ensure the best quality learning environment. If/when this number is reached, a waiting list will begin for this class. Once added to this waiting list, you will be informed when a place becomes available for your student.
  • All term fees to be paid by the end of the second week of each term. Overdue accounts will incur a $25.00 late fee penalty unless a prior arrangement has been made
  • No refunds are given for lessons missed by students
  • Private lessons require 48 hours notice for cancellation otherwise full fee will be charged
  • Debt recovery costs will be added to any outstanding fees that have yet to be recovered by our debt collection agency. Currently this fee is approximately 30% of the overdue amount
  • It is assumed that each student’s enrolment will continue from term to term. An email directed to management at least four weeks prior to commencement of the term is required if discontinuing classes. Failure to give the required notice will result in an invoice being issued for four weeks of the fees to cover this notice period
  • Term fees are non-refundable. If a student wishes to discontinue classes, 4 weeks notice in writing is required of intention to discontinue.
  • Students must have the correct class attire for their respective classes. Please speak to management if there is a problem with acquiring the uniform
  • It is recommended that students arrive dressed for ballet with a TTJBS tracksuit over your dance uniform. Please ensure that you wear something over your leotards when you leave the dance studio
  • Hair must be appropriately tied back for all classes. All ballet students must have their hair in a bun and fringes pinned back
  • For the colder days, please can all ballet students ensure you have a crossover wrap to match your grade leotard colour to wear during class. All vocational, contemporary and jazz students please wear the Energetiks merino wool fine knit round neck top over your leotard or jazz top during class
  • A second-hand uniform page is available on our website. Please ensure you remove your advertisement once items have been sold
  • Students in vocational levels must have their pointe shoes checked by their teacher before sewing on ribbons and elastics
  • Please name all uniform items
  • Students who attend the minimum number of required weekly classes are eligible to take part in RAD exams held in August/September each year
  • Students who sign up to the examination process need to commit to the extra class rehearsals (generally scheduled in the week prior or post the April holidays and the weeks prior to the commencement of Term 3) and mock examination in preparation for the examination. Please check with the director before you book any holidays in this period. Non attendance of these classes and the mock examination will preclude you from the examination process.
  • The exams can be scheduled on any day of the week at any time between 9.00am and 6.00pm. Students may be required to be absent from academic schooling for a partial or full day. The TTJBS makes no decisions for timings of exams, these decisions are held by the Royal Academy of Dance
  • Examinations can be booked via a trybooking link which will be sent out before the booking opens. The Examination fee will cover all extra rehearsals, mock exams, a new leotard and tights/socks, Hair accessories, RAD entry fees and costs of studio hire and staff for the examination day.
  • The cost of new ballet shoes, character shoes and character skirts, pointe shoes and wrap skirts or half tutus (for vocational graded students) are not included in the examination fee
  • Students must arrive at their specified arrival time on exam day to ensure their hair can be styled and an appropriate warm-up is performed before examination commences
  • Private lessons will be available to book to assist students to achieve the best possible exam outcome
  • In the last week of term, parents/guardians are invited to watch their child in class.
  • Please check with the teacher prior to the class starting for photography/filming permissions
  • Please ensure all mobile devices are turned off and conversations kept to a minimum
  • Students will be invited to perform in a troupe and/or solo competitions by the director.
  • Students involved in troupe dances must attend all scheduled classes and be diligent with self-practice. Students who are regularly absent, tardy and show little enthusiasm will be dismissed from the troupe
  • If a student is injured, please notify the director and please still attend and watch practice
  • If a student is ill, please notify the director and reasonable considerations will be made
  • Solos must be practised in private lessons within two weeks of a competition being held
  • Students and parents/guardians must be respectful to other competitors, schools and competition staff when attending competitions
  • Any costumes hired from the TTJBS must be treated with respect and care
  • Damage to costumes must be paid for
  • No eating or drinking anything other than water in costumes
  • Costumes sourced outside of the academy for solo dances must be checked with the director before purchasing to confirm suitability
  • All electronic recording devices must have their volume switched to mute or turned off during class
  • Electronic devices are not to be used in class unless instructed by the teacher
  • Students may not photograph, video or record audio in the facility without the teacher or other students permission
  • If permission has been given to record a class or dance for practice purposes, the recording has only been authorised for that purpose and must not be posted or passed on to others through social media channels
  • Images and/or videos of another student must not be posted by anyone on social media without the permission of the student(s) involved
  • Choreography, including solo and troupe dances, is owned by the teacher and must not be posted on any form of social media without permission from that teacher
  • During Viewing Week, parents/guardians may be allowed to video/photograph their child. Due to the nature of this, other students may be filmed or photographed in the process. If students, parents/guardians feel uncomfortable with this for reasons of privacy, they have the right to refuse filming/photography permissions and as such camera and recording work will not be permitted for that particular class. Please get in touch with the Director of the Academy before Viewing Week if you have concerns
  • Photography, video and audio recording is not permitted at any TTJBS concerts or competitions for reasons of copyright
  • Strictly no photography, video or audio recording in the facilities bathroom or changing rooms. This extends to competition and concert bathroom and changing room facilities
  • Photography and videography will be used in the facility for promotional purposes for our website and social media platforms. Parents/guardians who do not wish for images or videos of their child to be published on these platforms should contact the director of the TTJBS
  • A teacher may occasionally video or photograph students to assist with corrections as this is a valuable learning strategy. This is purely used as a learning technique to allow students to visually see their movements. If parents/guardians do not permit this, please contact the director
  • TTJBS will endeavour to have an annual concert held in a suitable performance venue
  • All enrolled students are welcome and encouraged to perform in the annual concert. If you do not wish to take part in the concert, please inform the director in writing
  • Students will be required to attend all extra rehearsals in Term 4 if they wish to participate in the concert
  • Students must be available for the entire concert day and stage rehearsal day
  • Concert fee will be payable via a Trybooking link during Term 2. Bookings will need to be made for each dance style.