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Our Foundations Jazz classes are fun and energetic, introducing jazz technique and stylistic choreography. Students will explore new skills and vocabulary associated with jazz dance. Classes involve learning the fundamental basics of modern jazz dance, learning more about posture, coordination and position in dance, while developing confidence, strength and flexibility. Jazz is versatile and fun. Foundations Jazz classes are a great way to stay active and create friendships.

Jazz dance is creatively diverse and is steeped in History. From its roots in Africa, through its evolution during the jazz age of the early 20th century, to its use in various platforms such as musicals, movies and music videos.

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Our classes explore various styles of Jazz and modern dance where we work on building strength, control, flexibility and stylistic choreography. pretation while exploring a diversity of movements and dance styles within set exercises and choreography. While maintaining fun and energy within our classes, we also integrate BBO and ATOD Syllabus exercises to provide the opportunity to learn and practice foundation steps. To excel in Jazz, it is encouraged but not essential that students also study classical ballet as it promotes strength, control, and alignment.

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