Inspiring the love of dance in Paddington and Darlinghurst for over 20 years

We invite you to join our close-knit dance community, where our dedicated faculty aims to develop each student’s love of dance, artistry, technique and musicality, regardless of their age and ability, to its fullest extent, in a happy environment of mutual respect.

Why Choose Us?

Dance not only motivates your child to stay active but encourages them to develop the life skills of determination, self-discipline and resilience.

Our fully qualified and experienced faculty aim to develop your child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional abilities.

We care about our students and keep class sizes small to ensure each person gets the attention they deserve.

Our Classes Offered

(0-7 yrs.old)

(8-14 yrs.old)

(15 – 18 yrs.old)

(All ages welcome)

Book a trial class to find out if our dance classes are a fit for you. Trial classes available for Petite Pointers, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and all Adult Dance classes.

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