Another huge step for Ex-student Alexandra Walton at Houston Ballet Academy

Gilly and I received this wonderful email last night.

Hi Teresa and Gilly,

I just thought I should let you know that I got to perform Giselle Willis with the company last night!!!

All of the Pro 2s were just covers sitting in the dressing room, I had just eaten dinner and was in normal clothes. 15-20 mins before the show started both the ballet mistresses came into the dressing and were looking for me. One of the girls had an allergic reaction and was told she couldn’t dance, so they told me that as I did really well in the company rehearsal they had confidence that I could slip into her spot.

The spot was the total opposite of the one I was learning, but the company girls talked me through it on stage and although spacing in some parts were off, I think I did pretty well and nothing went majorly wrong at all.

The ballet mistresses said that they were really happy with me, and all the company girls gave me a big hug and told me good job as well.

I also got to perform again on Sunday because she still wasn’t better and I got to take company warm up class with Stanton teaching.

So, it has been a pretty eventful evening few days and I have now done my first ever company performance.

I am so so happy!!!

Lots of love

AJ xx

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