Petite Pointers Concert Information

Petite Pointers End of Year Concert 2024

Each year we hold an informal concert for our pre-school, pre-primary and mini mover students at St John's Church Hall, Darlinghurst. We do our little dancer's hair and make-up and they get to dress up and perform a short dance in front of their parents and relatives. Each class will have their own separate experience to avoid being overwhelmed. A few of our older students will perform a few short dances for each class to show our little dancers what they are aspiring to.

Concert Day

When: Saturday 7th December

Where: St John’s Church Hall Darlinghurst

Tickets are free of charge and family members and friends are welcome to come and watch. The exact scheduling for the afternoon will be sent out nearer the time but you can plan for the event for each class to take approximately 1 hour.

Upon arrival each student will have their hair and makeup done by a teacher or senior student
Once everyone is ready, parents will be let in to the performance space
Students will then be sat at the front ready for some special guest performers!
After our guest performers have performed it is now the students turn to show off their dancing!
After the performances students will be given a special christmas gift and there will be an oportunity for photos!


The examination fee includes a new leotard, waist elastic (grades 1-5), tights/socks and for boys shirt and shorts/leggings. These will be given out to students the week before the mock exam. Students should arrive at the studio wearing their exam uniform with their ballet school tracksuit over the top.

As part of the examination experience, female students will have their hair styled in a bun by the teachers on the day. We ask that students arrive with their hair in a neat high pony tail and bring along a hair brush, hair elastic, bobby pins and clips and a hair net (that matches the colour of the student’s hair).  The ballet school will provide the hair accessories (ribbons or flowers) as appropriate. Male students should bring their own hair brush and comb.

To ensure each examination entrants feel confident and prepared on the day of the examination, regular attendance of weekly classes as well as the extra scheduled examination preparation classes is imperative. The examination process is both an individual as well as a team commitment. One child’s lack of attendance will have an impact both on their own confidence and that of the other student’s in their examination group.

If you don’t feel you are able to commit to the the extra scheduled rehearsal dates and weekly classes PLEASE DO NOT ENTER YOUR CHILD INTO THE EXAMINATION PROCESS .

The only examinations of Royal Academy of Dance that are required to be completed before the subsequent exams are Intermediate and Advanced One (these are vocational examinations). Whilst each child is encouraged to participate in the examination process, there is an understanding that examinations may not suit everyone. The RAD offers the gentler approach of a Class Award which can be discussed with your class teacher. If your child chooses not to partake in either the examination or the class award, they can still progress to the next grade with their classmates.

Concert Participation fee

These fees include the concert day, costume, a new pair of ballet or fishnet tights and a hairpiece.

Please note THAT COSTUME ORDERS PLACED WITH OUR SUPPLIERS CANNOT BE CANCELLED AND THEREFORE NO FEES CAN BE REFUNDED ONCE ORDERS ARE PLACED. If for some reason you are unable to participate in the concert you will still receive costume and tights which you have ordered and paid for.