Terms and Conditions

If you are enrolled in The Teresa Johnson Ballet School you agree to be bound by the following
terms and conditions:

Class Etiquette

Please ensure that you do the following:

  • Arrive punctually for class.
  • Ensure that your child has been taken to the toilet before class.
  • Deliver your child into the care of the teacher before class and ensure that you arrive
    promptly to collect your child at the end of class.
  • Parents please wait at the door of the studio for your child to be collected for class and
    returned to you after class. If you need to speak to the teacher please send an email to
    info@teresajohnsonballet.com and your teacher will then get in touch with you to
    discuss your concerns. For any matters that need to be dealt with immediately, please
    give your child an explanatory note to hand to her teacher before class. Please do not
    engage teachers in conversation between classes as this wastes class time for all
    other students.
  • Treat fellow students and teachers with respect.
  • As we share our studio spaces with other users we need to be considerate of the
    residents and workers involved in these spaces and their surrounds. You are more
    than welcome to wait quietly outside the studios but if you have other children with
    you we would appreciate it if you did not stay in the environs of the studios during
    your child’s class time.
  • You are more than welcome to check occasionally through the glass windows in our
    studios but please understand that this is disruptive to both the teacher and the
    students in the class and should be kept to a minimum. You will be given the
    opportunity to observe your child’s progress fully at the end of each term.
  • Parents participating in the Mum and me class are required to ensure that their
    mobile phones are switched off and that they focus on their child’s learning experience
    for the duration of the class. Please restrict photography and video to the first and last
    day of term. Please ensure you ask permission of the parent of any child whose image
    you would like to include in your photographs or videos.
  • No food or drink besides a water bottle is to be brought into the studio.
  • Please use the toilets provided in which to change your child. Do not under any
    circumstances change your child or allow them to change their clothes in any of the
    public areas at any of our venues.

Viewing Days

Parents and relatives are welcome to join us on the last lesson of term to view class. Please
ensure mobile phones are switched off and that audience etiquette is observed.

Photography and Video

Parents may photograph or video their child on these viewing days on the condition that all
photos and videos are for private use only. No photographs or videos are to be uploaded on
the internet.


If your child is unable to attend class, please could you notify us via text on 0410 423598 or
email at info@teresajohnsonballet.com
Please note that all private lessons which are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will
need to be charged at the full rate.


Any student who suffers an injury which precludes them from dancing for more than seven
consecutive days will require a report from a medical practitioner explaining the injury and
confirming that they are fit to return to dance.

Refund Policy

Once paid, term fees are non-refundable. No refunds or discounts will be offered for missed


By enrolling you agree to pay all fees by the second week of term and agree to give one
months notice in writing if you wish to withdraw your child’s enrolment from a class. A $25
administration fee per student will be added to all invoices outstanding at the end of
the second week of term. Private lessons will be charged for in full unless 24 hours notice of
cancellation is given.

Media Release

Unless The Teresa Johnson Ballet School receives written notification to the contrary it is
assumed that your permission is given for photographs or electronically recorded images of
your child to be used for promotional and advertising purposes in print on The Teresa
Johnson Ballet School website and on social media sites. No names will be used without prior


Whilst all due care will be taken, you agree to release The Teresa Johnson Ballet School and all
employees of The Teresa Johnson Ballet School from liability for any injuries to you or your
child while attending classes at The Teresa Johnson Ballet School.

Physical Contact

Verbal and visual instruction will be predominantly used as teaching aids but some physical
contact may be necessary by a teacher to correct line or posture or to demonstrate correct
movement technique. This will also be the case where first aid needs to be administered.