End of Year Concert Information

End of Year Concert 2024

The annual showcasing of the talents of our students from Primary to Advanced 2 ballet and all our contemporary, jazz and tap students will take place on Saturday 14th December at Waverley College's Performing Arts Centre. This concert is the highlight of our dance calendar and greatly anticipated by all our students, parents and teachers. Scroll down to read more about important dates, costs involved and frequently asked questions. To book your child's place to take part in the concert please click the link on the bottom of this page.

Important Dates

Placing Rehearsal – Wednesday 11th December (4.00 – 7.00pm) at St Johns Hall, Darlinghurst

Stage Rehearsal – Friday 13th December (1.30 – 6.30pm) at Waverley College

Concert Date – Saturday 14th December (all students are in both 11.00am and 1.30pm shows)

Extra Rehearsal Timetable

Placing Rehearsal –  All concert participants are required for this rehearsal on Wednesday 11th December at St Johns Darlinghurst.  We will aim to allow the younger students to leave as soon as they have completed their rehearsal.

Stage Rehearsal – To allow students to feel safe and confident and to meet health and safety regulations, Waverley College requires all students who are to perform in the concerts to attend the stage rehearsal on Friday 13th December.  We will aim to allow the younger students to leave as soon as they have completed their rehearsal.

Directions for Stage Rehearsal and Concert Day Drop off

Concert Participation fees

These fees include GST, a costume and tights (which students keep), a headdress, a digital recording and download of both concerts and all extra rehearsals and stage rehearsals. 


Even if your child is unable to join us on concert day, they are more than welcome to attend classes in Term 4. We will continue to work on RAD syllabus for ballet and technique for other dance styles alongside learning the concert dances. Students who are unable to attend the concert day will be given a role to understudy to ensure they experience the value of learning new choreography, patterning and working as a team.

Regular attendance of weekly classes is necessary to assist each class as a whole. Concert preparation is about team work and with only one term to prepare the concert piece, every class is valuable. This is especially so for those students who only attend one class a week. 

Extra rehearsals may be requested for certain classes in exceptional circumstances.

The compulsory extra rehearsals are on Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th December as detailed above.


As we are nearing the end of the year we do not insist on new shoes for the concert.

We do however require that all shoes are well fitting and clean.

If you do wish to purchase new ballet shoes we recommend the MDM Ilara or Intrinsic Pro  canvas ballet flats from Ballet Emporium in Bondi Junction or the Performa Canvas Split Sole flats from Bloch. 

You get to keep a costume for each dance style you have booked your child into. The only exception is the open class costume as the ballet school funds this group and there is no concert charge for this class.

We request that our audience do not take photographs or videos during the performance.

We have a professional videographer who will film both concerts. A download of these will be made available to each participant, the cost of which is included in the concert participation fee.

Group photographs will also be taken prior to and in between the concerts. These will be available to purchase via digital link one week after the concert.

Your registration and payment of the concert fee will be taken as an agreement on your behalf to ensure that your child fulfils the concert commitment requirements of regular class attendance and the compulsory ballet rehearsals on Wednesday 11th December and Friday 13th December